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Porta Shower Overview

By design, the Porta Shower™ is simple to connect to the available water source and the economic heater (optional) provides an almost immediate flow of warm water for users. Those setting up the shower, and those using it, will both be pleasantly surprised at how well the Porta Shower meets the need for comfort and convenience.

Attach two hoses, flip the switch and the Porta Shower™ is ready to go. Inside, users will find there is pleanty of space to comfortably wash up and hang their belongings to keep them dry. The shower head can be used in a mounted position or for those who prefer, as a hand held devise.

The interior walls of the shower have splash guards and the base has raised edges to contain the water and insure proper drainage. The base also has a non-skid surface for added safety.

  • Large white shower pan with non-slip strips
  • Molded-in vent screens
  • Unbreakable corner construction
  • Towel hook above door on inside
  • Vinyl shower curtain
  • Optional propane-fueled water heater

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Highrise Flush Tanks


Western Hand Flush

The Western re-circulating flushing system is a popular option for customers since it can be installed quickly to easily upgrade any of Satellite’s standard, wheelchair accessible and many other portable restrooms into a flushing unit.

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Flapper Hand/Foot Flush

This unique fresh flush system features a plastic flapper bowl that hides waste from view and seals tight to reduce odor. Retrofit any of Satellite’s standard units and some specialty units into a flushing unit with a versatile flapper bowl.

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Porta Shower Additional Options


Highrise Specifications

  • Height: 2235mm
  • Width: 1118mm
  • Depth: 1219mm
  • Weight (cold water unit): 121kg.
  • Weight (hot water unit): 127kg.
  • Floor space: 1041mm x 1041mm
  • Door opening: 127kg.


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