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Selfie Slim. It's What Everyone's Been Waiting For!

This go-anywhere, do-anything trailer is designed for those who want “their own space”. A place to get away from the crowd and freshen up... in private. It offers you all the comfort as your home bathroom but in a transportable size.

The Selfie Slim has two private bathrooms, each with a flushing toilet, sink, counter top, mirror and bright, ambient lighting. It can operate all day with fully recharged batteries and a full fresh water tank.

With a full water tank, the Selfie Slim can provide up to 700 services. Its competitive price doesn’t sacrifice on excellence. We use top quality materials and craftsmanship to build our trailers.

Add Some Great Options

If you want to upgrade your Selfie Slim, we offer AC and solar power. Using solar power the Selfie Slim can operate all day without the aid of external power. Operating the AC requires an external power source. The AC unit is equipped with a heat strip for when temperatures are cooler. A Blue-tooth radio system is another great option to consider.

Additional Options

  • Radio Package
  • Water Heater
  • Spare Tire
  • Forced Air Heat
  • Aluminum Wheel
  • Gender Signs

Selfie Slim

  • No. of Stations: 2
  • Fresh Tank: 340 L
  • Waste Tank: 380 L
  • Weight: 1160 kg
  • Length / with Tounge: 2770 mm / 4030 mm
  • Width / with Steps: 1670 mm / 2220 mm
  • Height / with AC: 2795 mm / 3150 mm


Call for more information: +32/2 542 56 56