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AquaTwin Overview

To maximize portability we have turned our renowned Slimmate handwash sink into a back-to-back dual freestanding handwash station. One tank contains the fresh water, the other the grey water, giving you 200 uses. We even incorporated a divider wall, to help with social distancing, and allow you to install a soap and a paper towel dispenser on each side. The foot-operated water pump allows touch free washing and rinsing of hands.

The limited footprint of the unit allows easy transportation including to temporary sites such as schools or factories, without the need of running water hoses to and from the unit. As always, the sink top can be removed for pumping or cleaning, or the complete unit can be transported to a drain for emptying.

AquaTwin Additional Options

For places where the 38L fresh and 38L used water capacity is not sufficient, it is also possible to add an external tank and use both slimmate sinks as fresh water tanks, doubling the capacity.

Any external tank can be used to collect the used water, either a small 25L container with a handle, that then needs to be carried away to be emptied, or even a 200L drum, as pictured here.

We can supply those solutions if needed, for those special situations.

AquaTwin Specifications

  • Height: 1500 mm
  • Basin height: 840 mm (from floor)
  • Width: 700 mm
  • Depth: 540 mm
  • Width (without base): 620 mm
  • Depth (without base): 400 mm
  • Empty weight: 35 kg
  • Fresh water: 38 L
  • Waste water: 38 L
  • Number of uses: 200
  • Soap dispensers: 2 included
  • Towel dispensers: 2 included

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Instruction videos

Call for more information: +32/2 542 56 56