MAXIM 3000


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Maxim 3000 Overview

The most outstanding features of the Maxim 3000™ are its ultra-smooth walls and spacious interior. With no ledges to collect dust, debris or waste, the Maxim 3000 is able to maintain a clean appearance long after a service call. Inside, the rounded corners create more open space and a uniquely contoured tank provides end-users a more comfortable sitting position. Along with its beautiful appearance, the Maxim 3000 is also incredibly strong. By utilizing blow-mold technology to create twin-panel walls and a blow molded front, the cabana is almost indestructible. The cabana is also strengthened by interlocking corners, a fitted base and an overlapping roof design.

Another clear advantage of the Maxim 3000 is the simplicity of design. It has 40% fewer parts than a typical restroom, which means there is less to break and fewer parts need to be stocked for inventory.

Other great features of the Maxim 3000 include deep, well defined corner and roof grips for easy maneuvering, two strong, vandal resistant door springs, a hanging hook and shelf for the convenience of users and a built-in mirror.

Overall, the Maxim 3000 requires little maintenance, is spacious and has a very modern, sleek appearance. Together, these features make it the ideal restroom for operators and end-users.

View the new Maxim 3000 features

  • Large 265L tank
  • Ultra strong and smooth, two-ply walls
  • Vandal proof door springs
  • Built-in shelf, hanging hook and mirror
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

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Maxim 3000 Flush & Handwash


Maxim 3000 Handwash Unit

Low profile hand wash unit with a fast foot pump fits seamlessly with the Maxim 3000 and its highly polished basin is quick to clean while maintaining its shine. Full forearm version has a basin so large that the user can easily wash their forearm without a mess.

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Western Hand/Foot Flush

The Western re-circulating flushing system is a popular option for customers since it can be installed quickly to easily upgrade any of Satellite’s standard, wheelchair accessible and many other portable restrooms into a flushing unit.

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Flapper Hand/Foot Flush

This unique fresh flush system features a plastic flapper bowl that hides waste from view and seals tight to reduce odor. Retrofit any of Satellite’s standard units and some specialty units into a flushing unit with a versatile flapper bowl.

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Flip Top Hand / Foot Flush

Effective flushing action and low maintenance characterize the new flip top flushing system. The re-circulating foot or hand flush system has superior design features that ensure its longevity. This convenient all-in-one flushing tank has the power to clean itself after each use.

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Maxim 3000 Additional Options


Maxim 3000 Specifications

  • Height: 2286mm
  • Width: 1118mm
  • Depth: 1219mm
  • Door opening: W 610mm x H 1915mm
  • Floor area: 5277cm²
  • Tank volume: 265L
  • Seat height: 476mm
  • Weight: 85.8kg

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