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Freedom Overview

The Freedom has been reengineered for added strength and space, all within a smaller footprint! New features include a vacuum-formed base, reinforced side panels, longer hand rails, molded vents, plastic carrying handles, and a strengthened roof, door frame, closure and latch.

From the ground up the Freedom is stronger, using a custom-made vacuum-formed base to create a solid foundation. In impact tests, the floor and wall joints withstood a force twice as hard as previous designs without damage, and a beveled exterior floor edge improves fork lift access for moving.

The reengineered floor has the added benefit of being slightly narrower, for ease of transport, but the overall floor design actually increases the Freedom’s interior space! By widening the front floor area to increase space, it also makes the door opening larger, another added benefit!

Other features of interest are the high-impact, plastic lift handles that will not rust and have a wider grip to reduce hand pressure when lifting. Molded-in vent screens were added to reduce maintenance costs, and longer hand rails provide more stability for end-users. The new roof is 50% stronger having added supports, and maintains multiple tie-down options. Finally, a new heavy-duty door closure provides added durability.

When you add up all the new benefits and include our industry-leading limited 4-year warranty, the Freedom stands alone in quality and reliability.

  • Fully ADA compliant
  • Fully Title 24 compliant
  • Patented flat-floor system
  • Multiple roof tie-down options
  • 4 Year Limited Warranty

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Freedom Flush Tank


Western Hand Flush

The Western re-circulating flushing system is a popular option for customers since it can be installed quickly to easily upgrade any of Satellite’s standard, wheelchair accessible and many other portable restrooms into a flushing unit.

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Freedom Additional Options


Freedom Specifications

  • Height: 2298.7mm
  • Width: 1676.4mm
  • Depth: 2197mm
  • Tank volume: 132.5L ADA Compliant or 257L non-ADA Compliant
  • Large Tank volume: 275L
  • Seat height: 469.9mm
  • Weight: 141Kg

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