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Daily Service

Dissolvable QuickScents Event packets are ideal for events and daily services. Simply dropping them into the tank brings freshness and a long lasting deep blue colour. With the convenience of drop-n-go service at an economical price, your cost of service will turn their special event into a more profitable day for you. Designed with environmentally friendly ingredients, QuickScents Event also preserve the environment.

Use the Antifreeze in combination with our deodorisers at temperatures below 0°C.

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  • Long Lasting Blue Color
  • Non-Formaldehyde
  • Drop-N-Go Convenience
  • No Mixing, Waste or Mess

  • Bubble Gum

Sizes Available
  • 85 per bag
  • 255 per case (3 bags)

Usage Instructions
  1. Drop sachet in tank
  2. Add 19 l water
  3. Go!

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Call for more information: 32-2-542-5656